Mahaanta {Hd} - Sanjay Dutt - Madhuri Dixit - Superhit Hindi Movie
Published on Jan 1,1970

Police Commissioner Vijay Kapoor and Raj Malhotra are childhood friends. Rajs brother Sanjay rubs Seth Kedarnath the wrong way when he marries his son Maheshs bride to be Jenny, his girlfriend. Kedarnath sends a paid assasin Nanubhai, to kill Sanjay and avenge the insult meted out to him. Vijay saves Sanjay by keeping him in Custody. Nanubhai kills Raj and his wife Shanti when they dont find Sanjay. Sanjay misunderstands Vijay and sets out to avenge the death of his family members. How will he avenge the death forms the climax of the movie.

Director: Afzal Khan

Music Director: Na

Singers: Na

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