Sadaa Suhagan
Published on Dec 14,2012

Rajshekhar (Jeetendra), a wealthy man, falls in love with Laxmi (Rekha). Soon they get along and marry. Years later, the couple is blessed with three well-behaved children, two boys, and a girl. Rajshekhar is proud of his children and is shocked to find one day that his eldest son, Ravi (Govinda) is having an affair with the daughter of a prostitute. Rajshekhar is against their pair. When Ravi protests, he is asked to leave the house, which he does and finds work as a petrol-pump attendant. Sometime later, Rajshekhar finds out that their second son, Shashi (Alankar) has robbed some money from the house. Shashi is then asked to leave the house. Rajshekhar and Laxmi then find a suitable groom for their daughter, Babli (Sheela David), but she refuses to marry, as she does not want to waste her life living in her husband's shadow. What will Rajshekhar and Laxmi do now to get their children back on track?

Director: Rama Rao Tatineni

Music Director: -

Singers: -

  • devi
    on Mar 17,2017 12:22 AM
    Hi, can you upload with English Subtitles please
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