Anita (1967) - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Manoj Kumar - Sadhana
Published on Nov 12,2004

Watch the 1967 thriller Anita that stars Manoj Kumar as Neeraj and Sadhana as Anita in lead roles. Anita promises to marry Neeraj but disappears after that. It is revealed that she has committed suicide but Neeraj does not buy this argument. He decides to carry out an investigation to find Anita. Neeraj sees Anita wherever he goes. Is she the real Anita?

Director: Raj Khosla

Music Director: Na

Singers: Na

  • Sandip Sandip Oraon
    on Nov 14,2017 6:02 AM
    manoj signer to sangath
  • Sandip Sandip Oraon
    on Nov 14,2017 6:00 AM
    I like laveing
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