Helen Superhits - Part 2 - Top 10 Cabaret Songs of Helen - Evergreen Bollywood Hits
Published on Jan 1,1970

Yeh Mera Dil - Don - 0:00:16 O Meri Jaan Maine Kaha - The Train - 0:04:25 Nineteen Fiftysix Ninteen - Anari - 0:09:35 Baithe Hain Kya Uske - Jewel Thief - 0:13:35 Maine Dil Abhi Diya - The Train - 0:18:26 Gustak Nazar - Jaali Note - 0:22:02 Sun Re Sun Albele - Tarzan Comes To Delhi - 0:25:52 Sharabi Aankhen - Madhosh - 0:30:13 The pioneer of Cabaret and Belly dance in Hindi movies is undoubtedly the lustrous, the shining, the glowing beauty Helen. From the 50s to the 60s she performed in more than 700 movies and even got a nomination for the best supporting actress for Gumnaam in 1973. The energy, grace and finesse with which she moved around a film set was something unmatched. Men even today wait for the chance to have a glimpse of her dances whenever movies like Caravan, Don, Sholay, Jewel Thief, Anamika or Teesri Manzil is broadcast on television channels. Sit back and enjoy watching this super song compilation of Helen's dance numbers from some of the most popular movies of the golden era of Bollywood. From the latest Bollywood songs to the oldest,

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