Ramesh N Shah - Mastering Your Own Mind - Brahma Kumaris Discourse
Published on Dec 12,2012

Ramesh N Shah, one of the senior most members of the Brahma Kumaris shares the ways through which one can become the master of his own mind. Brahma Kumaris, a neo-Hindu religious movement pre-date the New Age movement but have developed characteristics that link them to its thinking. It advocates a lifestyle which includes a vegetarian diet, celibacy, and avoidance of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. The aim of the Brahma Kumaris is to rule the world following a forthcoming apocalypse which they believe only they will survive. The Brahma Kumaris view themselves as the world's true rulers and that they will be reborn as leaders amongst 900,000 souls who will reincarnate during a Golden Age and enjoy 1,250 years of peace and plenty on earth.

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