Anamika (1973) - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Sanjeev Kumar - Jaya Bhaduri - Iftekhar
Published on Nov 12,2004

Sanjeev Kumar as Devendra is a writer who is harsh against all women. Driving home one night with his uncle they see a girl played by Jaya Bhaduri thrown from a moving car. They take her home she awakes with amnesia and thinks of Devendra as her husband. He calls her Anamika and gradually starts falling in love with her. But soon he gets clues about her past that raises more questions than answers. Is she a married woman named Archana or is she a prostitute named Kanchan? The movies mystery deepens as the writer finds out who the woman is.

Director: Raghunath Jhalani

Music Director: Na

Singers: Na

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